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I've always been fascinated by photography and the idea of capturing moments on film, preserving them for an eternity. So when I started cosplaying about 2 years ago, it was impossible for me not to combine these two amazing hobbies.


Cosplay photography, and cosplay itself, are becoming more and more popular here in Norway. And I want to help cosplayers all over the country get their cosplays depicted and remembered forever. It brings me great joy, and it's so rewarding being able to make other cosplayers smile.

Being a cosplayer myself helps me understand what goes on behind the process of making a costume, as well as the thought for hair, makeup and props. I try my best to get the feel of a character; it being the location or the setting, the editing, lighting etc. I always do some research if a character is unknown to me, and I try to make the character come alive, as well as giving it the right feel. With so many different characters I think it's important to make every cosplay unique in some way.


Cosplay photography isn't all about the photographer. It's a combination of hard work both from the photographer and the cosplayer. And a great teamwork always leads to better results. But don`t fret! If you're new with photoshoots, and the art of posing, I will guide you through it, making sure everything looks alright.


I have learned so much, and I'm always learning something new! Weither it's at a convention, or at a pre-planned shoot at a location. I love challenging myself and I hope to learn a lot more from cosplayers all over Norway!

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